Agents: Orlando doctor in pill-mill inquiry had crazy intercourse parties, showering visitors with prescribed drugs, cocaine and cash

更新日: 2020年08月02日
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Agents: Orlando doctor in pill-mill inquiry had crazy intercourse parties, showering visitors with prescribed drugs, cocaine and cash


By time, Mladen Antolic had been dealing with clients at their sizable medical training simply outside downtown Orlando.

When the sun goes down, authorities state, Antolic was hosting crazy medication and intercourse events at their 4,700-square-foot Hunter’s Creek house.

The doctor that is 55-year-old accused of enticing ladies — several of who he managed at their practice — to go to nightly bashes where he showered all of them with prescribed drugs, cocaine and cash.

Antolic was arrested in October included in a Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation crackdown on rogue pain-management clinics and health practitioners who dole out effective, addicting medications illegally. But court papers recently made general public in the event show that MBI’s research expands far beyond a pill-mill probe that is simple.

In September, a Drug Enforcement management representative received a letter that is anonymous somebody who stated Antolic had been managing a capsule mill, had been involved in illegal-drug usage, and they desired his tasks to prevent.

The author stated she developed an oxycodone addiction after Antolic prescribed the painkiller without acceptably describing its characteristics. Through the journalist’s 3rd office see, she ended up being invited to a single of Antolic’s events.

“He is a health care provider and I also accepted because we expected one thing totally distinctive from just exactly what happened, ” the letter said, incorporating that Antolic would make use of the drugs as a type of re re payment for intimate favors.

“we care profoundly about their making use of these oxycodones ‘recreationally’ to get females either addicted or ‘stoned’ simply so he is able to have relations that are sexual them. He is a health care provider. He must not be propositioning their clients to begin with. “

In their research, MBI agents interviewed a few ladies who stated they never utilized oxycodone before becoming Antolic’s clients, however became addicted.

Agents talked utilizing the grandmother and mom of a woman that is 28-year-old whom told investigators their family member had been court-ordered to medications in September, and before that has been using eight to 15 oxycodone tablets on a daily basis.

Mom stated Antolic paid her child to clothe themselves in underwear while being videotaped. Antolic as well as the girl even decided to go to Las vegas, nevada together.

At about 7:30 p.m. Oct. 27, MBI agents searched Antolic’s Orange County house.

In several spaces, agents stated, they discovered about 1,475 oxycodone pills, about 290 suspected alprazolam tablets, 10 grms of cocaine, five handguns, significantly more than $37,000 in money as well as a money counter that is electronic. Agents noted in documents that “extensive proof” had been seen that corroborated the so-called crimes, including photographs of the intimate nature.

Detectives additionally built-up droves of text messages between Antolic and ladies he partied at home, had sex for money and provided drugs to young women that they say is further proof.

Antolic, who graduated through the University of Zagreb class of Medicine in Croatia, was arrested from then on search and booked in to the Orange County Jail on costs of trafficking in cocaine and oxycodone. Also as he was at prison, agents stated, Antolic planned to accomplish his or her own doctor-shopping so he could get more prescribed drugs.

Agents paid attention to a recorded jailhouse call Antolic made Nov. 8, by which a woman was told by him he needed seriously to notice a discomfort physician because their back hurt.

“that do you would imagine was using dozens of pills, me personally, I have a bad degenerative disc disease, ” Antolic told the woman so I could get out of bed. Then he directed the lady to check up discomfort clinics in Kissimmee, call at the very least five of them and work out appointments during the clinics. He told the girl in order to make two appointments within the early morning, two within the afternoon.

“Cause I would like to visit four of these in the event the initial one, 2nd or 3rd one do not provide me personally the things I want, ” in accordance with a transcript of this call.

Antolic posted bail that and agents said he continued to host drug and sex parties after he got home day.

In mid-December, MBI again arrested Antolic on extra medication costs stemming through the search of their household. He posted bail and premiered from prison Dec. 19.

Antolic ‘aloof to patients’ requirements’

Agents proceeded their research plus in very early January interviewed Syad Hadi Shah, the going to doctor at Antolic’s damage MidFlorida Rehab workplace on western Colonial Drive.

Shah stated Antolic hired him in September, and therefore he did not trust just how Antolic practiced medicine.

Antolic flagged all of the young, appealing feminine clients become seen just by himself, Shah stated.

And Shah told agents he began “weaning” patients from the high dosages of opiates that Antolic sex chat rooms had recommended them.

Antolic, Shah said, is “aloof to patients’ requirements, to tell the truth. He prescribes large amount of narcotics. “

Right after that interview, MBI agents once again arrested Antolic — this time on a multitude of fees which range from racketeering activity to buying prostitution.

A judge recently denied Antolic’s request to own their bail paid off. He stays in the Orange County Jail and declined a demand become interviewed.